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just ruminating...

Saw 'Ocean's Twelve' the day before, and gonna see 'Shark Tale' in a while. O12 is ooookay. I mean I wouldn' miss it if I hadn't seen it. Then again, if I hadn't seen it, how could I know I wouldn't miss it. Catch-22. Again.

Read all the Gotham comics that came out couple of days ago. Tarzan-Superman crossover comic has quite an innovative storyline, and manga style gfx. Aint a big fan of those, but well. And the Alex Ross elseworld special deserves a mention. Man, that guy is good with faces. Anyone fancies seeing how an old superman or Green Lantern would look?

Wookay, wat did I read. I read Doctors, and I'm reading a book on Bill Cosby, the black comic. Average stuff... both.

Haven't heard music in a while. Damn. Car gone. Music gone. Can't wait to grab a new musicbox on 4 wheels.

Had sms squabble with himani. Then made up. Of course, I did most of the two. She just waits for my mood to swing back. I admit, its not an easy job being my wife. But I hope my pampering makes up for it.

Most of those who matter now know that I'm gonna be a dad in another 5-1/2 months. Guess that puts me in the cute seat. Fingers crossed folks.