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wolverine goes 'snikt'

If you're wondering as to what inspired the poem from my last post, if you are wondering what in devil's name am I talking about, indeed, if you have enough time on your hands to wonder so much (lucky you), read on.

Wolverine is a Marvel character, an X-Man, a powerful mutant with uncanny superpowers, quite possibly the most powerful of them all, the one most likely to stand last if armagaddeon comes knocking.

The original Wolverine is a wolf-like animal on the brink of extinction, although much smaller than a wolf, found in the Northern American region (Canada). It is often described as an extremely cunning animal with unusual courage and a penchant for pitching against much mightier foes (like the grizzly).

Our Wolverine is often described as the most dangerous mutant on earth, quite possibly an immortal and definitely one of the oldest. But his amnesia (probably a survival mechanism that helps him keep going on and on) doesn't let him access all his memories.

He is also described as a somewhat diminutive (when it comes to height, although he makes up for it in muscle), cigar smokin', beer guzzlin', wise-crackin' (in a thick Canadian or Texan accent, addressing almost anyone as - Bub), mercenary-moonlightin', globetrottin' roughneck, with a heart of gold beneath his thick hairy chest.

He is a hunter-extraordinaire with animal instincts and heightened senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste), but also an undercover environmetalist, since at times, he himself may be considered more of a beast than a man.

His most striking superpower is a quick healing factor with limitless potential. So, in effect, kick him, spike him, black and blue him, beat him, treat him like disposable trash, burn him, shoot him, rip his guts apart, break his bones, do whatever, he'd heal back in a jiffy. Which is why, he doesn't mind alcohol and smoke y'see. And which is why it is almost impossible to off him. (Yes, even more dificult than 'twas killing that Russian love-machine Rasputin.)

The second superpower on the list has to be his retractable claws (3 on each hand) that used to be just oh-kay on the cool-o-meter. Until, of course, they were laced with an indescructible element called Adamantium, along with the rest of his skeleton, during the weapon-x programme with questionable intent, run by the Canadian Government. The claws help him slice n' dice his way through almost anything. And yeah, they do come out with a 'snikt', as I said.

Even though Wolverine is known to be a wise man, a philosopher and an avid reader beneath his rustic, unsophisticated, uncouth, un-caring demeanour, his innermost nature is feral, given to a tendency to lose his human side in one of his famous berserker rage.

In his own words, Wolverine is 'the best there is at what he does'. (unlike Hulk, who is 'the strongest one there is').

All of which makes him quite endearing, really.

If ya' know what I mean, bub.