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let it blog

Have to blog.

The need to blog gnaws at my thoughts incessantly, like a heroine addiction would. Dark, brooding and restless, it lurks like Phantom of the Opera, shifting uneasily in the pit of my bowels. Am I a blog junkie?

Got to blog.

But there’s no inspiration, nothing even-remotely-close-to-somewhat-decent brewing in that useless brain of yours, says a little voice of sanity. Never you mind that, say I.

Must blog. Somehow. About something. Anyting.

Okay, here goes.

Our Jay aka KitKat is growing well, God bless him.

With his hiccups (they help in digestion, they say. The first time he had them, no elder was around, and we almost panicked).

His lopsided smiles (mom tells me, babies in her times would smile only after 3 months).

And his delightful squeals (‘auuu’, he goes).

He has this look of acute alertness on his face that makes Himani and me refrain from getting too naughty while he is wide awake.

Meanwhile, motherhood is tough on my Himani. But she is taking it all in her stride. Tough gal, that my gal. And oh, hats off to all you mothers in the world. You have my awe and adulation, ladies.

Is ‘System Of A Down’ prog-rock? I say, fuck yeah! Is it Nu-metal? Er, a little maybe. But no rapping. At the least, it’s easily among the better bands of nu-metal genre (if they indeed belong to this genre, that is), like Korn. Go listen to ‘Toxicity’, the album. They work hard on their unusual song structures, and possess a delightful repertoire of vocals to boot. Vocal influences range from low guttural growls, a-la blackest of Black Metal (think Death, Children of Bodom), to Axlesque nasal twang, to downright mint-clean mainstream pop vocals. And true-blue rocker’s aggression to top it all up. I like them. Will sample their first eponymous album. In the meantime, I am sampling goatee-sans-moustache, their trademark look.

Getting the house in order when a woman is not around could quite possibly be the toughest task a man would ever know. (And I don't mean it's 'cos they do all the work. It's just that even you work when they are around. They are a force of order in your world of chaos.) Bachelors would promptly agree. And I am struggling with this task as Himani recuperates and tends to our little one in Dun. I have just shifted to a new house, you see. And lord, it is a mess.

Saw Phantom of The Opera last night. It is awful. Well, maybe a laptop is not the best way to view a musical. But still. Simply awful. Has Joel Schumacher gone insane after making that yucksy-mushy-mucksy flick Titanic?

Just this. For now. More. Later.