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Years of research had finally paid off. I had figured how to communicate with a new born. Boy, this was big.

I entered the big white room.

There he was, a chubby boy with curious eyes darting across the room. He was busy sucking greedily on his fist.

This felt awkward. Well.


So you claim that you’ve seen God, son?

I sure have!

And, you, remember?

Duh, ya!

How does he appear then?

He has blue eyes.


Yes, blue. Why else do you suppose the sky is blue, eh, and the sea too?

They are not REALLY blue, y’know, the light scatters as it passes through layers of atmosphere with varying density, and then there’s the Raman effect…

Oh, really?

Er…(awkward silence, shrug). How does he make souls?

Well he has these facsimiles of every human being’s soul, and when a boy and girl, y’know, do that thing they do, he picks the jars containing their essence, and pours their contents in a crystal cauldron.

Is that all?

Well, almost. Only, then he adds the teeniest drop of his own essence, magic if you will, into this mixture.


You don’t believe me, do you?

Er… just one more thing.


Is there an end in His sight, at least, to the miseries of this world, the war, the pain, the sickness, the ugliness?

Isn’t the answer obvious?

Is it?


(I roll eyes, shrug again.)


Well, what?

Well, of course there is, moron. I am here, ain’t I?


This is when I woke up. Lying next to me, was my infant son. Smiling at me.