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carpe diem (16-12-06)

Band of the Day: Dream Theater
Someone I know swears by this highly respected self-proclaimed progressive band. And well, it counts, ‘cos he fronts a respectable local band. I have finally gotten around to hearing the band rather than hearing of it. And it’s fabulous. I own 3 albums, namely ‘Scenes from a Memory’, ‘Images and Words’ and ‘Train of Thought’. And I have taken fancy to the last among these, even though it’s the first one that’s most famous.

Song of the Day: This Dying Soul
Taken from the aforementioned ‘Train of Thought’ album; it’s a heavy song, as intricate as you’d imagine a symphony to be, overflowing with sound, loud as hell and yet strangely melodic.

Thought of the Day: As you dream, so shall you become.

Blog-pick of the Day: This wonderful series that made me link the author on my blog

Read of the Day (And for quite a few days to go): ‘Eldest’, sequel to ‘Eragon’, and second in the Inheritance trilogy, penned by precocious Master Paolini; it’s about a boy called Eragon and his pet dragon(ess) Saphira pitched against an evil empire. It has quite a few Tolkien-ish elements in it, like elves, dwarves and 13 evil dragon riders, the forsworn, who remind one of Nazguls. Even though I am not swept off my feet, I have to admit that it’s gripping enough to keep me going.