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lemme tell ya…

...about a ruddy ole chap called Lemmy. Lemmy Kilmister. Now if you happen to hear his unmistakable voice once, a voice that constitutes a mish-mash of rusty nails smoked in marijuana fumes and grounded to a sludge which then scrapes across a granite floor covered with moss, it would leave indelible marks on your eardrums. If you see his face, it would be stamped as a blue aching tattoo on the shoulder of your mind. His music is how Heavy Metal is supposed to be in its dirty, unpolished, elemental glory.

He is the bassist and singer of the seminal band Motörhead, and the father of all cult figures. His influence on bands, artists and the monster that goes by the name of Heavy Metal is unmistakable. The other famous band (besides many others including one Indians’ band called Sam Gopal’s Dream) that he has lent his talents to is Hawkwind, the archetypal Space Rock band.

Go listen to his biggest hit- ‘Ace of Spades’ and you’d know what I mean.

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km said...

"Ace of Spades" and "Killed By Death" are two of the baddest songs out there in the metal songbook!

rock on, man.