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the surreal thing

The band I heard today is ‘Faith No More’. This now defunct Frisco act has proven to be a conundrum for critics, who have found their music somewhat difficult to categorize, describing it variously as Alternative Metal and Progressive Metal (notice metal as a steady constituent of these descriptors, so there). They sure don’t shy away from sprinkling their music with a cross-section of genres- rap, soul, funk, younameit.

Most noticeable aspect of this band’s sound is Mike Patton’s vocals with their inhuman versatility.

The songs you should definitely sample are (not ‘Epic’, I’d rather listen to ‘I’m da man’ by Anthrax) ‘Falling to pieces’ and ‘Surprise, you’re dead’, both ideal as background scores for mindless foot-stomping madness that I personally find immensely enjoyable. And then there’s ‘Easy’, their cover of a Commodores hit (that I haven’t heard).