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Writer, Father. Entrepreneur. Bum. Atheist. Recluse. Garhwali. Foodie. Downloader. Drifter. In no particular order.


story of my life

Sleeping in a beanbag in the office for the fourth night running
Scratching shaggy beard
Wondering whether to get a shave
Running my fingers through long hair
Wondering if it's time to get a normal haircut again
Not exercising
Guilt tripping
Downloading comics to read
Reading comics
Alternating between two pairs of blue jeans
Enjoying the simplicity of it
Reading blogs
Reading books on my phone
Searching for the e-book version of Jonathan Stroud's Bartaemeus trilogy
Not finding it
Finding 'Doors of Perception' by Aldous Huxley instead
Meeting people for business
Not liking meeting so many people
Understanding there's no way around it
Missing wife and kid
Calling wife on the phone
Thanking my fortune
Being broke
Hoping this newly-opened-business phase is over soon
Waiting to go home to wife and kid over the weekend