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about a boy

An old friend has just made a sparkling debut in blogsphere. And being a seasoned multi-blogger (if not a popular one), I take it my sacred duty to introduce him. So friends, I give to you... Trun.

(After much whistling, loud cheering, and an assortment of empty cans and plastic bottles in projectile motion...)

Alright, all quiet now!

Trun and I go back, what may now officially be called, a long way. Now and then, we have been colleagues (twice; first time around, he was my boss, and the best one till date), room-mates, fellow guitar students, pizza-eaters, and great buddies. Heck, I remember visiting his office on a Sunday, when a girl with the sweetest dimples tossed an enthusiastic hi at him. And when I cocked an eyebrow, he simply managed to mumble a meaningful "She's Preeti." That was 2002. Of course, now they've been married for a while.

Trun, like most of my good friends, has ants in his pants, that constantly coax him to take interesting turns in life. From advertising to events and back. Almost like myself, only, he has made waves wherever he's been. This time, the ants have carried him to Switzerland for a course in Sports Management. And as you can gather from his blog, he's having one helluva time.

So, well, dear reader, I implore you to give him audience every now and then, as shall I.