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more popular than jesus

This is a heartfelt tribute to Bappi Da*, the papa of pop, the chacha** of cha-cha and the daddy of disco wave in India. Shine on you crazy diamond laden Bong***.

And here's the real slim shady himself for all ye faithful ones.

* Da = a term of endearment for elder brother specially among Bongs
** Chacha = a hindi term for uncle, or more specifically, father's younger brother
*** Bong = a term of endearment for Bengali, a native of the West Bengal state in India

P.S.: And I don't mean more popular than Cocaine Jesus. The title of the post was merely an allusion to the 'We're more popular than Jesus' controversy. Read all about it here, you, Mr. I've-got-nothing-better-to-do.


Cocaine Jesus said...

more popular than ME?
surely not!!

Manish Bhatt said...

Oi, you still visit this God-forsaken place CJ. Me so glad. Maybe I should revive it then, eh?