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of cats and mysteries

You're a cat.


You can talk.

Nothing gets past you, does it? Stunning, really.

What's your name?

My name is Mystery. My name is Mystery because all cats are mysteries, which is why everyone with any sense loves a cat, because everyone with any sense loves a mystery. Both require an appreciation for things one can never completely understand. And cats can never be understood. We are all loved to the degree that we are mysteries. And I... I am that Mystery. Impressive, am I not?

Yes, terribly. And modest to a fault.

You're too kind.


Not everyone can be a mystery. some of us have to be answers. and answers are always less interesting than mysteries.


So where do we start?

We start with the lost.

Where do we find them?

Where do we not?


Excerpts from conversations between Jonathan and Mystery, the mysterious cat in 'The Book Of Lost Souls'