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rant ahead

Life is an endless loop of meetings, work, stress of meeting deadlines, guilt for not meeting them at times, browsing, reading, sleeping on the beanbag and more meetings. I wake up on the note I dozed off at. Restless, sleepless, peace-less. It gets dreary. I dream of leaving it all, my mobile phone, my schedule on the white-board, my job-list, everything. And go to a place where I don’t know a single face, where I have to struggle with gestures to communicate, where the aromas and tastes are unfamiliar, alien. It doesn’t even matter if they are pleasant. Ghalib said something like that once. 'Chaliye ab aisi jageh jahan khairkhwah koi na ho'. Why can’t we leave? Glued to our ambitions and struggles, slaves to the grind, prisoners of the machine. Theoretically we can, y’know, lead a quiet unaccomplished life. I could. I already have a big chunk of what I ever wanted. But. I won’t.