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akane's revenge

“But Saiko, why create a 50 foot tall Android?”

“Because I can, Akane. And a Gynoid, if you would.”

“A Gynoid?” exclaimed Akane.

“Yes, a Gynoid. If I have to go through the trouble of making an anatomically correct humanoid, I would rather make it a ‘she’. At least, I would enjoy the hard work that way, eh?” answered Saiko.

“You men are such perverts!” spat Akane, as she turned away to hide her disdain. 

“But why exactly 50 foot tall?” Akane pressed on.

“Because, my little hummingbird, to replicate a human neural network, I would have to scale up. I may be a genius, and a lethally handsome one at that, but I am no Dainichi. Moreover, 50 foot is as high as one can go without the skeleton collapsing under the body’s own weight.” Saiko replied as he welded on the steel nipples. 

“You are not jealous now, are you? Now, go fetch me a Tuna sandwich."

"Sure, my handsome genius. Can't wait to see you finish this project." 
Akene replied with a smile, perhaps a tad too sweetly.


Much later.

“Here she is, my 50-foot perfection, all ready to shake the foundations of science, and plant me firmly in the league of the greatest human minds.” Saiko could hardly contain his pride. “Here, you turn her on. Turn her on, snicker, snicker. I mean, you start her up. The remote works exactly like our Funai VCR.”

Akane accepted the remote from Saiko, pointed it at the 50 foot tall Gynoid and pressed the power button. The curtains moved up with a soft whirring sound. And there she stood in all her feminine glory. She was built to perfection, with high and proud breasts, firm as only breasts of steel can be. The Gynoid turned around gracefully, and took her first step into the world of flesh and blood.

“NOOOO.”, screamed Saiko.

These were the last words Saiko spoke before that sickening sound of crunching bones.

Akane took her finger off the ’stomp’ button. “Good bye, my chauvinistic scumbag of a husband.”

She looked up at the Gynoid with a benign smile on her lips, “Come sister, the world awaits us. Let us teach them to fear and respect womankind.”

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