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Writer, Father. Entrepreneur. Bum. Atheist. Recluse. Garhwali. Foodie. Downloader. Drifter. In no particular order.


things that make me go mmm (in no particular order)...

Music: Good music, especially in the car, and there's a lot that counts as good music- Stevie Ray Vaughan comes to mind, so do Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and U2, and there's always Pink Floyd. (Love to sing too, but I am not good at it. Who cares though, not me.)

Visual Delights: I have always been a visual person. Good Special FX, graphic designs, illustrations, they really turn me on.

Food: Mmmm. Sadly, I'm a quantity person. I tend to attack food like a wild hog. That doesn't mean I don't love it though.

Discussions: There's really no substitute for a good stimulating discussion. However, I am not a natural talker. Au contraire, I am rather terse by instinct. I need to go a certain way before I get involved in a discussion. But once I do get going, there's no stopping. (I don't think I'm too bad a listener either.)

Written Word: A poem, a book, a well-written essay is like entering a discussion without having to speak. Best of both worlds.

Laid-back Intimacy: A long and slow kissing session without the urgency to, you know, get it on. However, at other times...

Observing People: Yeah, its a strange hobby I guess, but more common than you'd think. Actors excel at it. I love watching people, and deducing their private lives from their behaviour. A bit of voyeurism and a bit of Sherlock.

My Kid: I relish almost everything about him. (But in all honesty, he can be annoying at times, like most kids. Hey, if it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it.)

PS: I know lists like these include trysts with nature as a rule- walk in the park, dancing in the rain etc.. But if I did the same, I'd be lying. I'm an indoors person through and through.