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the saga of beowulf

Flanked by 13 warriors
He rode the stormy sea
Atop the hull of his galleon
The wolf banner blowing free

Slayer of Leviathans
And giant serpents of the sea
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

To rid the fabled mead hall
Of the bravest Danish King
Of the monster of the marshlands
The terror they called Grendel

Scourge of mighty dragons
And the eater of their hearts
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

Came seeking eternal glory
And the love of their fair queen
He told them of his great feats
Across the stormy seas

Killer of the monsters
And shredder of their limbs
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

He fought the monstrous Grendel
Without his sword and shield
In a gruesome bare hand battle
He tore off Grendel's limb

The last of old world heroes
The prince of Nordic seas
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

Along came Grendel's mother
Perhaps a Valkyrie
She slaughtered all his warriors
And called him to her lake

The butcher of the giants
And the raider of their gold
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

He rode down to the misty lake
The lair of Grendel's mother
He returned with Grendel's head
Claiming the mother's dead

The ruler of the Icelands
The bravest of the warriors
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!

He ruled for 50 long years
Till the flight of golden dragon
He slew the mighty dragon
And died a hero still

The vanquisher of three monsters
Grendel, Grendel's mother and the dragon
He died there of his battle wounds
But his song is still immortal
Beowulf! Beowulf! Beowulf!