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Writer, Father. Entrepreneur. Bum. Atheist. Recluse. Garhwali. Foodie. Downloader. Drifter. In no particular order.


25 random things about me ('cos I was tagged. twice. in a single day)

1. I feel like a lost boy, sometimes. At 34.

2. That includes still fantasising about being in a rock band.

3. It takes me 3 years (give or take 3 months) to get bored of whatever I'm doing, quit and start afresh. I have done it thrice in the last 10 years. It's brave and immensely stupid at the same time. Or just stupid.

4. I could spend all my life away doing nothing (but reading, listening to music, drinking) if I could afford to.

5. Having the woman I have seems like an undeserved miracle, even after 7 years of marriage.

6. It was an arranged marriage. Ha!

7. I have been planning to write a book (many books) for 6 years now. Plans that come close to a naught or half a page of scribbled lines, as Roger Waters would say.

8. I think it's primarily a chronic case of laziness that keeps me from it.

9. Sex and food are stowed in the same region of my brain, and I have the same sort of lusty feelings for both. Is that weird?

10. Which reminds me, I am prone to excesses.

11. I smoked cigarettes for 9 years before quitting them altogether almost 5 years ago. I also turned a vegetarian. I was about to become a father at the time.

12. I am a nice guy, all things considered. I guess that makes me boring company.

13. Well, at least, I am aware of that. So there.

14. I used to have encyclopedic knowledge of music. Now, its comics. A master of subjects that have no practical use I know of (besides geeky conversations).

15. why is it so hard to think up 25 random facts about my life?

16. I hate the army. I love my wife who is in the army.

17. In my heart of hearts, I feel like a bum. A gypsy of sorts. No possessions.

18. I find it hard to understand people. I am more at ease with concepts and abstractions.

19. I don't believe in God. I don't even believe in any supernatural agency governing the world. I think we make all this up cos we, as a race, are so full of ourselves, and shit.

20. I have seen enough to understand the need for God and belief in supernatural though. I know how a single blow can turn any man into a raving fanatic, me included.

21. I feel ancient, sometimes. Am I contradicting myself now?

22. I like sportswear. I do not like sports.

23. I do not have any answers to questions like- "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"

24. Strangely enough, I like technology. Told you I am a geek.

25. I know I will start having doubts about this note as soon as I hit publish.