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for a friend

My friend Shonee has been a victim of the misuse of IPC 498A, the dowry law. While the law has its merits, it has often been abused and misused . In the coming elections, Shonee is supporting a candidate who is sympathetic towards the said cause. This is his plea:

Hi Friends,

I would start this mail by quoting Disraeli. He famously said, the only way to achieve progress is that "we must educate the masters", that in our present context means that at this election time the duty is cast upon us to disseminate information, ideas and right figures to the public at large. Because only then, the small voice of reasoning would be heard by the masters who control our fate by sitting in the August house of Parliament of India.
It is estimated that man started roaming on earth around twenty lakh year before and most of our actions at that time were guided by the animalistic instincts of fear, hatred, possessiveness and narrow loyalities. The advancement of human brain brought reasoning some 10,000 year ago only. So, no wonder that at times of turbulance and test, we go back to our herd mentality and count ourselves on regional and communal loyalities, caste considerations, or even if I may say class considerations in big cities.
However, if we continue doing the same, election after election, that would be anti-evolution. We evolved, because we could put rest to these fears and considerations for the betterment of complete human race, thus at this point of time, it is our duty to not only vote but vote carefully and wisely. Guided purely by the reasoning, so that we do vote for the best man and only by doing so, we can "educate our masters".
The reason, as is seen in abundance today, is that the voice of small minority, if it is loud and vociferous is mistaken as the voice of majority. And when the bang is so loud, the small voice of reason is not heard. And as long as, we, who consider themselves as thinking men, will not take pain of expressing ourselves, educating one person at a time, we can't even think of doing what we see as restoration of basic human freedoms.
If we ask anyone today, what does majority of our legislators personify, the response invariably would be - arrogance of power. The class lines after every elections are divided only in two. The rulers and the ruled. The rulers think they can bend everything to satiate their narrow agendas and we ruled bear their incompetence and uncrupulousness. Which is a dangerous blend.
In my short journey in standing upto the wickedness of people, I have often seen that the laws drafted by these incompetent people are plain wicked and insane.
Thus we a small minority voice of reason, which include Save Indian Family, Save Family Foundation, My Nation, CRISP, MASI etc. have lent our voice of sanity to Sudhir Kumar from New Delhi constituency.
Sudhir Kumar amongst other things stands for the following:
Equality for All
Domestic Harmony
Judicial and Legal Reforms
Stop the Misuse of Dowry Law
Urban Rebuilding
Rebuiding the Bond with Indians Abroad
Freedom of Media and Private Radio
If you like the agenda, he is fighting for, please come out and vote for Sudhir Kumar. If you know someone in Delhi, please encourage him to vote for Sudhir Kumar. And if you can inform others about the agenda by way of newsletter, email forwards, blogging, sms, please do so. As there is no other way to educate the masters except by breaking that impregnable wall of party and caste based politics in which the demons feel safe.
And, yes, to the cynics who ask, how far would we go with one candidate. My answer is simple - The journey of a thousand miles begin with just one step. And Sudhir had the courage to take that first step. Your support is vital
Shonee Kapoor
PS: I would urge all of you to vote for the best man in your respective constituency, irrespective of other considerations. Afterall, a right man or woman in wrong party is better than a wrong man or woman in right party. And, please do VOTE.
PPS: My above post is not copyright protected. Anyone is free to blog it/ forward it/ amend it.

Shonee Kapoor


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