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So I'm back to reading China Mievelle, the perpetrator of weird fiction. I had read 'Perdido Street Station' and it was a rewarding read by the end. 'Iron Council', now, is supposed to have heavy political undertones. It is also a cross between science fiction and cowboy western. Having said that, the book does have a tough skin that's hard to sink teeth in. Reading it on mobile doesn't make the task any easier.

Also reading 'The Castle of Crossed Destinies' by Italo Calvino. But that's for another post.

The hectic affair of getting the child delivered, the to and fro hospital trips, the long vigils by Himani's bed, all that's over. Both Himani and Aadyayani (आद्यायानी)are back home. Of course, it will take her at least another month to leave bed and resume normalcy. But that girl o' mine has always been a tough one.

Oh, and a proper post after such a long time does deserve a mention of Miyazaki, this wonderful and much celebrated Japanese animator that I've discovered only recently. In fact, he deserves a separate post as well. However, if you have been seeking extraordinary storytellers, you must check him out. And the perfect starting point to capture the magnitude of his talent would be 'Spirited Away'. However, each of his works stands on its own, dealing with subjects as varied as coming of age, war, ecology, childhood and fantastic flying machines. (Oh, and that's Yubaba in the picture below, my favouritest witch in the whole wide world, probably a nod to Baba Yaga of the Russian fables by Miyazaki)

And if I manage to post this, it would be a first, my first post from a mobile device.

So I guess I will see you later. And if this mobile posting works, perhaps sooner.


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