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got no cure for blues

I got paycheck every seventh
Got a woman who's so true
I got a house in a metro suburb
But I got no cure for blues

I got whiskey on the table
I got rum and vodka too
Got a cupboard filled with fancy pills
But there ain't one made for blues

I got books by the dozen
Movies I could view
I got video games and plastic planes
And still I've got the blues

Got good ole Zeps on my ipod
I got Russell on Youtube
I got a thousand ways to kill my time
But I still can't kill the blues


Meghana said...

That's so, so true Manish... one could get a cure for common cold, but ze blues... no chance in hell.

Very well said.

Manic Street Preacher said...

wow, watches (referring 2nd comment).

but wow. i love these. almost can hear it being sung. :)

Anonymous said...

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Nothingman said...

you don't kill the blues man, you enjoy them :D