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watching the world go by

I am a watcher. One of the reasons why I like my home being 20 kms away from office. I watch the world through the glass windows of my car like you would watch your favourite TV Channel. I like to take guesses at the private lives, the little lies playing inside the heads of strangers. And the fact that they have no idea what goes inside mine. It makes me feel like God.

Another thing I do while driving to office is commune with music. I talk to the writers who wrote the songs and musicians who are playing it. I like to imagine what goes in the head of the singer when he or she belts it out. I am a watcher.

And the fact that the lives and lies and stories I imagine may not be true does not matter, not one bit. For a far more intriguing possibility to me is- what if they are.

What if my watching makes the things as they are. Heisenberg's principle and all that.

A watcher. That's who I am.

Image: Uatu, the watcher

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Deepak said...

There is a deep ocean that is beyond the periphery of so called establishments and rules of the real world. It's like a potential energy, all you need is just convert it into the KINETIC ENERGY. Enjoyed every word of it.