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An Open Letter to Nokia India

Update: Nokia India responded to this letter. Today, my Nokia E7 has returned from the dead, good as new. True, it has costed me Rs. 9000, a little more than 1/3rd of the phone cost, but it's money well spent. Well done, Team Nokia India! I'm in love with your brand all over again.

Dear Mr. Shivakumar. President & CEO, Nokia India

They say a brand is the sum-total of the experiences of its consumers.

I wish to tell you about a recent experience I have had with the brand Nokia in the hope that it would help you improve things at Nokia R&D and especially Nokia Care. I have always admired Nokia and over the years, I have purchased and enjoyed over 10 Nokia products like the fabulous 6600, 6708, E63, E71, C3-00 and many more (including the extremely rare Maemo based Nokia N-900) .

I have even been on the Nokia Nielsen panel for over an year. As a result, I was among the fortunate few who got a chance to receive a complimentary Nokia E7 from Finland in March 2011 immediately after its India launch.

Over the years, Nokia has gained a demigod like status when it comes to hardware expertise. However, after just about 5 months of usage, my E7 came in contact with a few drops of water and stopped functioning. Since the mobile had been shipped straight from Finland, it had no warranty. On Nielsen's advice, on 13th October, 2011, I took the damaged handset to my nearest Nokia Care Center, namely Cellpoint in South City Gurgaon.

I was told that they might have to send it to Nokia Factory to get it repaired and that it may cost up to 9,500/-, which, I said, is little price to resurrect such a beautiful piece of hardware (notice how I avoid saying 'good software').

After 12 days, I have received the phone back. Not only there is NO IMPROVEMENT in the handset's state, it actually has EVIDENCE OF MISHANDLING with several scratches on its body and a tiny piece of plastic missing altogether. As you can gauge from this passionate letter, this has broken my heart.

So I wish to ask you this:

Does the CARE part in Nokia Care mean nothing to its employees. If they can not repair a certain handset, can't they even handle it with care. After all, the device costs only a little less than my swanky new laptop.

Can nothing truly be done to bring this device back to life. Because, if Nokia can not repair it, who else can?

I do sincerely hope you have a solution to my problem and that you'd care enough to retain this Nokia loyalist.

PS: Wish you all the best for the upcoming Windows based device (Mango?). I look forward to Nokia reinventing the  mobile space once again.

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