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lost in new york: postcards to self

  1. Every adventure is a bargain for perspective, a quest for new points of view.
  2. 25 hours is a long time. By the time I landed in New York, I had learnt to empathise with a hyperactive child's favourite rag doll.
  3. It was a long day, literally so. Chased dawn on my way to New York, encountering the lady twice- first in Bahrain and then again in London.
  4. London stayed in character. As if on cue, it rained while we were taking off from Heathrow.
  5. New York is compact, and the people don't seem too friendly, but one learns to love the fiercely cosmopolitan spirit of the city in a few days, and in time may get addicted to it.
  6. At night, the city takes another aspect. It shakes and drapes itself in fairy lights. Like a lady of the night, dressing to seduce.
  7. Times Square is a modern synagogue. Only the pantheon comprises movie stars and TV personalities, pop icons and Prima donnas. It really is like the crossroads of the world, overloading your senses with giant screens spewing images and a cacophony of languages. And it's contagious. Soon you are swept in this sea of people, losing your individuality, becoming one of the swarm. There's no native here. Everyone's from somewhere else, and no one's out of place.

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