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Seems like yesterday when you were born- a bright eyed baby boy sucking hungrily on your middle and ring fingers, merely a foot and a half long and 3.25 kgs heavy. Why you would fit on my forearm, your head neatly resting on my palm and your feet barely reaching the crook of my elbow. And here you are today- 8 years old, curious about the moons of Mars and the 200 year old storm on Jupiter. Beating me in a game of Chess, for real. Perhaps one day when I'm older and you are a strapping young lad, you'd come across this somewhere on the web, and you'd know that I have loved you everyday of your life and will continue to do so, however it may seem to you over the years. Live long and prosper, my firstborn. Live long and prosper. 

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Deepak Bahukhandi said...

It could not have been better than this. Simply touching.