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is this early mid life crisis?

People say one invariably mellows down with age. Makes me wonder why I'm suddenly enjoying the music of Slayer, Sepultura and Pantera all of a sudden, and wishing it was even harder? It might be one-of-those mid life crises one keeps hearing about. Although this is a little early for that, but since I'm a smoker, I should be able to burn myself up in smoke by 60 (Humming to myself that ole song by Cheech and Chong- "Up in smoke, that's where all my money goes, In my lungs, And sometimes up my nose, When troubled times begin to bother me, I take a toke, and all my troubles go up in smoke" But that one's for dopers, and I aint one, sigh, wish I was). So there.

Wifey's back from a two day solo trip to Nainital. Seems invigorated. When hubby's a copywriter, one's sure entitled to such breaks. Keeps 'em sane. Bless ma doll.