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of the meaning or the utter lack of it

In another 38 hours or so, I would complete 30 full years of walking upon this monstrous rock swirling around a monstrous fireball amidst an even more monstrous void. Now if I said so, who would believe it? I know I wouldn't. Nonetheless, it's true. Go figure. In the meantime, I've been to school and through it without any visible permanent impact, been paid for pretending to work, broke my heart and laughed at that in retrospect, more than once, lost my virginity to none other than my wife (what a loser), read a few hundred books, watched a thousand movies, heard a million songs, and shagged a billion times. For most part, this ride has been fun. Although admittedly, there have been moments when I wished to get off, but those moments are lost in the fuzzy heaps of morose memories. Quite a moment to philosophise, this. But well, now its gone. How have you been dear world?