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the day I discovered fire

Well... I really dont know how many of you would be able to relate to it. But here goes!

You can't make it out by looking at my unbelievably handsome face, but I was once hit by a hard rock, splat in my face.

Those were the 2 DD channels-days in 1991 (just before we got invaded by cable TV), must have been March, when they telecast the Grammies.

It was all very well. Until Metallica was unleashed, who played 'Enter Sandman'. Four long haired warriors, random images on a screen behind them. A storm of noise. A thick neck with bulging veins, jutting out, behind a furious face with a distinctly viking moustache and an intense grimace. And the drummer pounding the skin away like nobody's business.

That day, something was born that hasn't gone to sleep ever since. The musicians have shaved, mellowed down, turned to spirituality. But the spirit of metal has a way of lingering.

I wouldn't spoil it with analysis. But I think that day, my life took a turn. Where to, I can't say. But richer it did get.

Y'all might have discovered your music at some moment in time. And maybe you can recall if you really put your mind to it. But I have one thing to say.

Dear Lord (or is it Satan), thank you for the music.


A headbanger