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of wolf and man

O lord of beast and men
Just for one night

Let me run wild and free
With a pack of hungry wolves

Let me be bound by nothing
But an all consuming hunger

Let me sprint like an arrow of passion
With furious gnashing teeth (Them harbingers of doom)

Let me race with the brazen wind
That tickles the wild mane on my neck

Let my heart beat with unabashed glutton
And pump my sinews with hues of naked rage

Let me howl at the moon
And foam at my mouth

Let me be driven insane
By the maddening smell of succulent flesh

Let me drink from the violence of the night
With wild glinting eyes
(Eyes that strike terror in the hearts of the meek)

Let me be spurred on heavy padded paws
With shiny bony claws
(Paws that fall on dried papery leaves with a muted hush)

Let me for once plunge into the throes
Of thoughtless terror and mindless wrath

Let my sandpaper tongue heal
The deep and simple wounds of my body

Let me savor a soul-less existence
That knows not the pain of the heart

Let me be a beast that knows not reason
Just hunger and passion and lust

O Lord grant me this
Just for one wild windy moonlit night.