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fragments of reality

My reality that is.

Here are some chunks of my present life that I paste here for posterity.

Gonna be a dad.

Have quit smoking. Amazingly, it has been easier than I imagined. Like Richard Bach said, when you have to wish a dark cloud away, you don't make a big deal out of it. You just ignore it as if it weren't there to begin with. (He says something to this effect in his 'Illusions'). Or maybe it was just the right time.

Am reading 'Taltos', a book by Anne Rice- the queen of Goth, the author of 'The Vampire Chronicles'.

Listened to Marilyn Manson. Am amazed at their pop sensibility and I wonder if they had been bigger if they would have avoided all this negative publicity. I mean all this working hard at wearing contacts and make-up all the time, and then wondering if it helped at all in the course of success.

O my God, they killed Dimebag Darrell, the famous lead guitarist from Pantera, who had just ventured with Vinnie Paul to form a group of his own. Just killed him. A fucking ex marine just walked upto him and shot him while he was playing to a crowd. Life is unbelievable. And death... I can't even gather my thoughts on that without sounding cliched.