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a friend in deed

Ladies and umm.. more ladies (cymbals crash),

Allow me to introduce my childhood buddy----- Aaaaaanshhul.

Single, and a dude in every right, he plays guitar (real guitar, not an air guitar like your humble friend), rides mountain bikes, resides in Frisco, learns Piano and ponders over artificial intelligence among other things. I'm gonna exhibit his mail to display the funny quotient.

Anshul to me:


I do read your stuff every once in a while. Are you getting a yellowcar! If you do you should also have a flower vase in it, with a faux sunflower. That way, folks will think either you're way hip or gay... don't know if they are different any ways... (me: umm... they are, sometimes at least, for sure in this case, or you'd have known in all these years, unless you meant 'exceedingly cheerful' by gay)

The ol' country-side custom says that the name has to be a bit lecherous, as you'll be riding it all the time. Dhanno has been usedby a friend of mine for his bike, don't use it.. way too confusing. Already having a hard time coming to terms with friends having wives with same names. ;-)

Basanti, doesn't sound appropriate, way too sissy. But that custom has become so last century... I feebly call mine Jatayu, a play on its actual name, Jetta. But has positive, clean connotations... think with, fly like an eagle...playing in the background.

Try calling your car names as you're walking towards it, see if the car likes it, smiles, see if you can have a conversation with it using that name. Yellow Submarine: way too formal, impersonal, objectifying. You may end up calling it lo' or ye' lo'. May make you think of J-Lo', don't know if she's good conversation material though.

Let's see... Yelahanka Lokumari, nee Ye Lo' was wizzing down the road, singing loudly about some firang chic, Chavi (Chevy), when it espied Manorma Rupali Tiwari, nee Maruti shaking its thing down the block. If times were different Ye Lo' blew its nose to catch Maruti's attention. But Maruti was grooving in its shakety pushety zippity thang.

Anyhow, life here is progressing, mostly eventfully uneventful. I am almost at the end of my 1st piano adult lesson book. the last score is fairly hard, will take me coupla weeks to get through.

BTW, congrats to vikas. Now only if you guys would use your contacts into the better halves of the world to find me one. And why do you have to put stuff like love etc. in the blog. I know life is great and all, but why rub it in. ;-)

Heard that you saw sting. how was the sting. stingly tingly or ztingyzzzztingulp or shting al ultimatucoulous".