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we all sing in the yellow submarine

YESSS! Now my 'Poppins' (my shiny yellow Wagon R, erstwhile known as 'Yellow Submarine') has music.

So I inauguarted it with 2 tablespoons of White Stripes (7 nation army couldn't hold me ba-hack) and one portion James Taylor (I've seen fire and I've seen rain... and I have). And now I am all set for the road trip to Hardwar tomorrow, in fact looking forward to it. Tomorrow we (me, myself and er... that's it) go a-singing with heavy meh-tal from Slayer (Bleed your death upon me, let yer bloodline feed my youth) blaring full blast n then some folk melodieses (Bye bye Mister 'merican pie, drove ma chevvy to the levee, but the levee was dryyyy) to wash it down.