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Fellow bloggers- Rat, Elf and CJ.

Fellow bloggers-cum-Real-life friends- Word Worth, Bhavv, Shon and Deep Impact.

And others who aren’t nutty enough to maintain a blog, yet. (You listening, AJ?)

Thanks dudes & dudettes, for wishing me a happy birthday. You’d be pleased to know that your wishes came true. The day turned out to be lip-smackingly perfect.

Moving on.

What I'm facing right now, is not really a writer's block. No. For you see, I really do want to write. And there's no dearth of ideas. Random subjects crowd my mind, like a flock of noisy seagulls. But it’s hard to follow the trail of any single thought, as they slide down the slippery axons and zigzag past the intermingled dendrites, not once pausing to catch breath at the synapses on the way. Maybe I'm just euphoric 'cos my family is here. Hope it'd get better, as far as writing goes. As far as everything else goes, it CAN NOT get any better.

Also, you might have noticed the change of identity. I am now officially a symbol. Yeah. Just like Batman. Henceforth, call me ‘M’.

There's your post. Happy? More later. Promise.