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thundrous blunderous

Exhibit-1, Gentlemen, is a Pegasus. Ditto for Exhibit-2. They are ridden by princesses and fallen fairies in tales wih happily-ever-after endings. They are dreamt-of by pubescent girls, symbolising suppressed sexuality. They are, by and large, considered cute.

Exhibit- 3& 4, however, are Thestrals. Close relatives of vampires, they are invisible to those with pre-dominantly happy thoughts. Only the ones who have witnessed death or experienced a devastatingly traumatic event can see them. They are anything BUT cute.

Now Madame Maxime's carriage is pulled by the latter, NOT the former, as shown in the recent HP: GoF.It is just too much for an innocent oversight. And THAT is the reason why we live in a world where boybands sell like doughnuts, with zero nutritional value, and loads of sugar.

Death to Pegasus, I say.

And long live Thestrals.

But otherwise, I loved the movie.