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Spent my 32nd birthday back home with my family. Have come back with happy memories. Thanks my love, for the wonderful treat. The kid is simply fantastic, and I ain’t saying so ‘cos he’s mine.

Much has been said about ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway. And yet, reading it merits a mention at the least. It is how good writing should be. Reeking with substance, minimal to the point of asceticism, and powerful like a whiff of industrial solvent. Words here have a role to play. Without being effusive with adjectives, the narrative takes you far away from the Cuban shore and upon the lonely old man’s skiff. You partake in his struggle with the sea, the giant fish and the elements. You are more than a mere observer to the triumphantly tragic end. It’s a story like no other, and yet, a story everyone can relate to. It’s the story of courage, naked elemental courage.

Not much has been said about a lesser-known piece of work called ‘God’s Debris’ by Douglas Adams, the much-celebrated author of ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’. I am half way through it, and it does have some very powerful ideas. Let me finish it and probably I’d tell you some more.

Sex Creatives, the cheekily named child of ours has taken off. So if you need anything to do with creative output- Ad Campaigns, Events, Radio Spots & Jingles, Audio Visuals, Songs, Corporate Identity, Internal and External communication in any medium (Print, Films, Multimedia), Brochures, Posters, Annual Reports, Ad Campaigns (Print, Film, Outdoor); in short, anything that has anything to do with the various combinations of verbal and visual arts, do let us know. Our contact details are here. Also here, as soon as we update.