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Spent the last few days aboard the gravitic space vessel of Golan Trevize and his unlikely companion Janov Pelrot. Together we traversed up and down the length and breadth of space(if indeed there are such things in space), chasing the second foundation and stumbling upon Gaia instead. Then we headed for the mythical earth. On the way, we bumped into several oddities- spacers, rabid dogs and even a virulent species of moss among them. It was good, all things considered.

Now I'm back with John Mandrake (Nathaniel, that's his real name, but hush) and his cheeky demon (er, djinn) Bartaemaus.

In the meantime, I found some more work by Bill Willingham (he, of the Fables fame). Its called The Pantheon. As expected, its delightful. More so because The Superhero team (Justice Machine) is led by Dynasty who is obviously Indian (or as Americans like to call us, East Indian) complete with a dot on her forehead. Only he's got us confused with China again (She has a dragon on her tights). Well, at least he's got the features right.