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a skit for vyoma lal

Just another morning
in the hazy heart of Delhi
The sparrow family wake up,
with rumbling bellies
Watch the little ones
scratching their feathers
As around the breakfast
table they gather

Mama Sparrow:
Hi, Hello, Hola
my name is Mia Farrow,
As you can see,
I am a talking sparrow
These are my little ones,
De Niro and Pacino
So hungry in the mornings
like a stormy El Nino
And yes, I must tell you
they like to eat grains
(Kids: We like to eat grains)
Why not, after all,
its good for their brains
So out I must fly
and find me some grains
Before they start screaming
like little choo choo trains

De Niro: 
I hope mama catches
A nice fat worma
With grains on the side
It tastes like shawarma

Or maybe she finds
Some green leafy trees
This little cowboy always
Eats, shoots and leaves
(Pretends to take out guns, the kid may not get the pun, but what the heck)

Mama Sparrow:
I've looked here and there
O I've looked everywhere
The balconies, windows
Yes, even the dustbins
I've sniffed and I've shuffled,
Around all these buildings
And still I found nothing
Nothing for my birdlings
There is no more green here
O what shall we do
Without grains to eat
My kids will boohoo

(She sees a kid planting a tree)

Mama Sparrow:
Hello little mister
I am Mia Farrow
And as you can see
I am a talking sparrow
My babies are hungry
They like to eat grains
I've looked everywhere
I can find none
So if you have them
Will you please pass some

Yes little sparrow
Please take these grains
Take them to your kids
It's good for their brains
And I'm planting a new tree
So come here again

Hurray hey hurray
For the green trees
They give us shelter,
and seeds and green leaves
Let's thank the good kids
who are planting new trees
For more trees and more grains
And a greener Delhi


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