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the importance of being a fool, earnestly

I think I will put on that T-shirt. The bright yellow one with a hood and purple patchwork. The butt-ugly but well worn-in one.

Fall in love again. This time for real. With the right one. Or the same old one.

I think I will pack all that I have. Should fit in one travel bag. Up and leave. Visit somewhere I've never been. Nowhere safe.

Or learn a new skill. Master a new trade. Seek a new job. Found a new shop. Find a new hobby.

I think I'll never learn.

I think I'll just walk off. The sun warming my back. Face north-westwards. Just so. Heed the mountains' hushed call. Land ho.

Walk off that cliff. Like Wile E. Coyote. And keep walking.

I think I will pick a white rose. Pin it on my hat. All dandy like.

Let my dog come along. If it chooses to. Silly dog.

I think I'll stay a fool. For a day. For ever.

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